About Us

Led by US Navy Disabled Veteran Electronics Technician 3rd Class Josh Davis, he has served his country most notably at AEGIS Combat Systems Engineering Development Site located minutes outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

At Farm & Food, Josh’s team produces and serves the freshest, consistent, tastiest sauce and spice blends for co-packing, retailing and bulk/back-of-house fulfillment.


When I was a kid my mother always brought us together for Sunday dinner. When I joined the military I took that feeling of home and togetherness across the map. My fellow sailors and soldiers would share their recipes and stories from their corner of the world. This is where I learned my love of smoked ribs, fried hot chicken, grilled wings, and great stories.

Now years removed from Navy active duty, I share the love I felt growing up and in the military through the food we prepare and the memories we create.

Collaborating with Farm & Food for your customized food manufacturing will enable you to devote your time and energy to management and marketing, while eliminating the enormous expense and responsibility of operating a production facility.

Ultimately, we will save you time, kitchen space, and money, allowing you to focus on your next culinary creation, while seamlessly increasing your restaurant and retailing revenue.

Your unique recipes, our manufacturing processes, supply management and logistics